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Love Actually Experience - wedding rings

Love Actually Experience

Creating the most romantic wedding entertainment ever!
Love Actually Experience - happy couple

About us

We loved the film of the same name…and the moment when the hidden singers were revealed singing ‘All You Need is love’…so romantic.  Our professional singers have been recreating this magical moment at weddings for the last eight years in the UK and now we are here to sing for happy couples in Perth & WA.
Love Actually Experience - church service

What we do

We arrive at the wedding venue about 1 hour before the ceremony to set up the discreet sound equipment and to check over any final details with the minister/celebrant.  Our professional secret singers then pretend to be members of your wedding party along with other guests.

Our Performance Options

Passionate about creating memorable weddings.
Love Actually Experience - full entertainment package
wedding ceremony performance only

This is our original option featuring 2,3 or more surprise wedding singers. We arrive at the venue before your guests to set up a discreet PA system.  We then liaise with the minister  about our performance, and our singers take up their positions around the venue mingling with your wedding guests.  At the agreed point in the service we stand and begin to sing your chosen songs, usually this is ‘All You Need is Love’ by the Beatles as performed in the famous film, followed by more songs of your choice to cover the time taken for guests to leave the service.

Love Actually Experience - ceremony and reception
ceremony plus reception

This is our most popular option by far. We set up for the Love Actually Experience ceremony as described.  Having performed the final song we then quickly remove the PA system from the ceremony area and relocate to the drinks reception area (usually where your photographs are taken and this may be the same venue).  Our singers will now perform a 30-45 minute cabaret featuring a selection of love songs or songs of your choice keeping your guests entertained while the photographer captures your wedding images.

Love Actually Experience - ceremony reception singing waiters
ceremony, reception and singing waiters

The Love Actually Experience team of singers are also performers for our sister company Bravo Singing Waiters.  Combining the two acts offers a superb value for money option for unique entertainment that certainly carries the WOW factor!  We supply 2 or 3 singers who perform the Love Actually Experience at your wedding service and the drinks reception.  During this time other singers dressed as waiters will be serving food & drinks.  As the dessert course is served they burst into song, really building the atmosphere for the speeches to come.

Love Actually Experience - full entertainment package
full entertainment package

This really is our ultimate wedding entertainment package featuring the full Love Actually Experience at the ceremony and drink reception, as well as the Singing Waiters who appear during your reception dinner. To keep the party mood going our professional DJ takes over with a full disco and light show creating your perfect music backdrop for a fun-filled night of partying and dancing that will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Price Guide

The Love Actually Experience
2 x Singers $995.00
3 x Singers $1245.00
4 x Singers $1495.00
The Love Actually Experience & 30 min. Reception Drinks
2 x Singers $1295.00
3 x Singers $1595.00
4 x Singers $1795.00
The Love Actually Experience & Singing Waiters
3 x Singers $2995.00
4 x Singers $3295.00
The Love Actually Experience, Singing Waiters & Disco
3 x Singers $4295.00
4 x Singers $4595.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for you to set up?
Our singers can set up the discreet PA in approx. 30 min including a sound check. They try to be all prepared at least 30 min BEFORE any guests are due.
Do you liaise with the Minister/Registrar in advance?
Yes – we ensure all details of what we do and when we perform are agreed in advance. This includes song choices to be performed.
Can you sing during the signing of the register?
Certainly, we have done so many times. We usually sing 3 or 4 songs to cover the time taken to sign and for photographs to be taken.
Do we get to choose the songs performed?
Very much so…this is your very special day and we want to make it as memorable as possible.
Do you liaise with our photographer?videographer on the day?
For sure…we want the wonderful surprise to be captured for all time. Once we are all set up and in place – we discreetly talk to the photographers about what we do and ensure they are in the right place at the right time.
Where do you hide before performing?
Our singers will be sat with your congregation just like all the invited guests. No one has ever asked us ‘who are you’ in all the years we have performed.
How are you dressed?
Our singers will be dress in suitable wedding outfits so they blend right in.
If my reception venue is miles away from the wedding service venue is that a problem?
Not at all. As soon as we have seen the last of your guests leave the service we will quickly pack away the PA system and travel to the wedding reception. Here we will set up the system again to be ready to perform the 30 min of love songs for your drink reception.
Do you use live musicians or backing tracks?
We have on rare occasions performed with a string quartet where one has been booked for the wedding. However, it is far easier for us to control the quality of our performance and to offer a wider selection of songs if we use our backing tracks.


I am genuinely glad that we booked you, you were so helpful, competent, professional and reassuring for the entire process. In fact, you were the reason we booked, you made me feel so comfortable when I originally spoke to you. As for the actual day, you three were awesome. We loved it. Our guests are still talking about it.

I know I said it repeatedly on Sunday, but my thanks to you for adding a sense of wonder,  romance and fun to our wedding. Our guests could not stop talking about it and Jo has been on cloud nine ever since. Not only did you sing fantastically, but your personality got everyone singing and clapping  in the ceremony room and helped set the atmosphere for the rest of the day. We would do it all over again if we could.

Everyone knew that the singers were singing music from the movie “Love Actually”…we were so happy with Robbie and his team.  My new husband had no idea that I had organised this and he was equally surprised and thought it was amazing! It certainly got everyone into the mood and the happiness continued. Robbie was happy to MC the wedding, which was above and beyond.  His team stayed and also sang some more songs, which was just the icing on the cake.

What can I say about the love actually experience team? From my first contact with Robbie  nothing was ever too much trouble.  Robbie went over every aspect of what he and his team did and how it could all come together.  He spoke and met with our celebrant, to make sure that everyone knew what was happening on the night.  He suggested some music suitable for when I (the bride) walked in. When he started singing (after we were declared husband and wife) the guests were mesmerised….not only by Robbie’s  beautiful voice, but his two young staff members were also exceptional.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from about how we can be a part of your special day!

Call us for an informal chat: 0450 511 945

Email us: info@loveactuallyexperience.com.au

We would love to hear from you about how plans are going so far for your wedding.  We believe we can put together a fun and unique experience for you, your family, and your guests.  Happy to give advice and suggestions without any obligation.
The Love Actually Experience Team.

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